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DateArrival Time
Sat: March 10th9:00 AMCedar Ridge: L (2-10)
LBJ: W (15-1)
Vista Ridge: W (15-5)
Waco Midway: W (8-2)
Season Kick - Off TourneyMicki Kresbach Pool
Sat: March 31stBoys: 10:00 AM
Girls: 3:00 PM
McNeil: W (14-3)
Round Rock: L (5-15)
LBJ: L (3-8)
Boerne: W (7-5)
Waco TournamentWaco YMCA
Wed: April 11th7:30 PM
LBJLBJRegion PlayUT Swim Center
Sat: April 14th - TBDCedar Park Tourn. - TBDTBD
Fri - Sat: April 20th - 21stRegion Tournment - West Region Tourney
(Qualifier for State)
Micki Kresbach Pool
Wed: April 25th7:30 PMLonghorn AquaticsLonghorn AquaticsScrimage vs. Longhorn Aquatics (during practice time)UT Swim Center
Fri - Sat: May 4-5thTBDWater Polo TISCA State TournamentUT Swim Center

2017 Game Schedule and Results

March 10-11, 2017TBDTBDAll DaySeason Kick-off TourneyMicki Kresbach Pool
March 24-25, 2017Leave Friday lunch and return late SaturdayAll DayAll DayTexas CupFlower Mound Lewisville ISD
March 30, 20177:45 All9:00 PM8:15 PMRegion PlayUT Swim Center
April 1, 201711:15-5:30Arrive 11:15
Game 12:15
Arrive: 11:45
Game: 12:45
Waco TournamentWaco YMCA
April 6, 20177:45 ALL9:00 PM8:15 PMPRACTICE due to poolUT Swim Center
April 8, 2017TBDAll DayAll DayUT TournamentUT Swim Center
April 13, 20177:45 PM ALL9:00 PM8:15 PMPRACTICE due to poolUT Swim Center
April 15, 2017TBDAll DayAll DayTournmentTBD
April 21, 20179:45 ALL10:45 AM
2:30 PM
12:15 PM
6:15 PM
Regional TournamentMicki Kresbach Pool
April 22, 20178:30-11:30TBDTBDRegional TournamentMicki Kresbach Pool
April 25, 20176:00 PMTeam Dinner and Booster Meeting, families welcomeTBD
April 27, 20177:45 PM ALL9:00 PM8:15 PMPRACTICE due to poolUT Swim Center
May 5-6, 2017TBDTBDTBDState TournamentFlower Mound ISD
May 21, 20176:00-8:00 PMEOY BanquetTyler's House

2016 Game Schedule and Results

March 5, 20167:20 AM Girls
8:00 AM Boys
8:00 AMAll DayWest Region OpenerMicki Kresbach Pool
March 10, 20167:45 ALL8:15 PM9:00 PMRegion PlayUT Swim Center
March 24, 20167:45 ALL8:15 PM9:00 PMRegion PlayUT Swim Center
March 26, 2016TBDAll DayAll DayRound Rock TournamentMicki Krebsbach Pool
April 2, 201611:00 AM and 8:00 PMAll DayAll DayWaco TournamentWaco YMCA
April 5, 20166:30 PMBooster Club MeetingLibrary Classroom 1
April 9, 2016TBDAll DayAll DayLonghorn InviteUT Swim Center
April 13, 20168 PM ALL8:45 PMPracticeRegional TournamentUT Swim Center
April 14, 20167:45 PM ALLPractice8:15 PMRegional TournamentUT Swim Center
April 15, 20165:00 PMRegional Team DinnerBrick Oven Restaurant
April 17, 2016All DayAll DayRegional TournamentUT Swim Center
April 21, 2016TBD8:15 PM9:00 PMRegion PlayUT Swim Center
April 29-30, 20168:00 AM Friday8:00 AM SaturdayAll DayState TournamentTexas A&M natatorium
May 22, 20166:00 PMEOY BanquetBalcones Woods Pool