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Welcome Coach Kevin Bell! Kevin Bell grew up in San Antonio, TX and is a graduate of Texas Tech University. He was a swimmer and water polo player in high school. He loves the sport of Water Polo and is excited to see our team grow this season.. Coach Bell is in his first year at Anderson and teaches Art I, Art II & Painting. He has also taught at Austin High and Seguin High School.


Joy Corona – Women’s Coach

Coach Joy Corona grew up in Lake Bluff, Illinois. She started swimming competitively at a young age. She started playing club water polo in 8th grade, and never looked back! She was a member of the Midwest Zone team, and a member of the Varsity swim and water polo team all through high school. She went on to play Division III water polo and swimming at the University of Redlands, where she earned her All American titles.

Currently Coach Corona plays masters water polo with the Austin Wahoos, and teaches Second Grade in Pflugerville. This will be Coach Corona’s fifth year coaching with the AndersonTrojans,  and she is very excited for the upcoming season!

Quinn Curl – Men’s Coach

Quinn was born and raised in San Mateo, CA. Quinn’s mother was the captain of her University of Oregon swim team and his father played club soccer. Growing up, Quinn played every sport as the classic, good but not great athlete. While never swimming for an age-group team, Quinn grew up in the water. He was introduced to the sport by his best friend in 8th grade and hasn’t turned back.

Quinn played high school and club water polo for Serra High School and Golden State Water Polo, respectively. He was named the captain of the team for his senior season and was an honorable mention for his regional team. He later went on to play Division III water polo at the University of Redlands. There, Quinn was a 4 year Letterman and two-time captain. He was named as a Second-Team All-American during his senior season.

Quinn continues to play locally for the TOTEX team, affiliated with the Longhorn Aquatics program. This will be Quinn’s fifth year as a member of the Anderson Trojan coaching staff.