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Practice:  NO PRACTICE Tonight due to stabbing incident at UT.  Last practice Wed 7:45-10 pm UT Swim Center. State:  Details attached.  Please note this is tentative and could completely change.  We are basing the current logistics off prior years results.…
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purchase femara

Thanks to everyone for coming out Tuesday night at the Brick Oven.  It was a great evening.  Especially, thanks for your patience with such a large group. PLEASE READ, lots of important information about State, EOY Banquet, Fees, and Fundraising. From…
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The TROJANS are going to STATE!  Great job at the Regional Tournament.  Lots of information, read until the end. From the Coaches: MEN:  A great weekend of games that displayed how far we have come as a team this season!…
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buy femara online uk

We are rounding out the season with the Regional and State Tournaments remaining. Woohoo!! Practice:  Mon, Wed and Thursday 7:45-10 pm UT Swim Center Regionals:  Regional games will be played at the Round Rock pool. Anderson will play games during…
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Another week of Water Polo.  Halfway through the season.  Give yourself a pat on the back. Updates from Coaches from the weekend: Another great weekend of water polo!  The boys had a fantastic game against Cedar Ridge, we really started…
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We survived a busy week of Water Polo.  Thanks to everyone that played a part from meals, hotels, vans, snacks, paperwork.  Lots of logistics that went as smoothly as possible. Updates from Coaches from the weekend: Our goal for participating…
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Texas Cup Logistics. Updated games for tournament: No time change just opponent.  Click on Schedule attached Address to Pool in Lewisville:  1750 Duncan Lane, Lewisville TX 75067 (about 3.5 hours from Anderson) PERMISSION SLIP:  Very Important that we receive this permission slip…
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TISCA Water Polo West Region Referees, Coaches, Athletes, and Parents,   There will be a TISCA Water Polo West Region Coach Clinic (12:00-2:00 pm) and a West Region Referee Clinic (2:00-4:00 pm) on this upcoming Sunday, February 26th at the UT Swim Center…
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Welcome to Water Polo at AHS! From Coach Condon:  UT is unavailable for practice Wednesday and Thursday this week, so we will practice Monday and Tuesday from 8-10 pm.  Kids are encouraged to bring their friends to practice who are…
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