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Meetings and Purpose

According to the UIL, a Booster Club exists “… to enrich students’ involvement in extracurricular activities…” Take a look at the different committees below to see how our club supports the team and coaches.  For more details, come to a Booster Club meeting.


PresidentMarilyn Butlerjklmbutler@gmail.com
Vice PresidentVacantVacant
TreasurerMichelle Manningmanning_mc@sbcglobel.net
SecretaryMelissa Perrymelissa.perry4@att.net
Lunches / Dinners: Linda Litzinger-Kittlemanllitzingermd@gmail.com
Lunches / Dinners: Melissa Perrymelissa.perry4@att.net
Travel (Hotel for State):Allison Dadyallisondady@gmail.com
Water/Coolers for games:Judit Nemitjudit.nemet@gmail.com
Regional Team Dinner:Brick Oven Restaurant
End of Year Banquet:
Gifts:  Coaches and Seniors
FundraisingMichelle Manningmanning_mc@sbcglobal.net
Marketing (Poster): Melissa Perrymelissa.perry4@att.net
Website:Michelle Manningmanning_mc@sbcglobel.net
Pictures/Shutterfly: Judit Nemitjudit.nemet@gmail.com
Roster: Marilyn Butlerjklmbutler@gmail.com
Team Gear (Yard Sign, Decal, suits, Shirts): Mary Taylormlttaylor@swbell.net